Benefits of Working with Pivotal Leap

Some of the benefits of working with the Pivotal Leap team include:
  • Secure Connections.

    We utilize the most secure encryption methods to keep your data safe and sound while you communicate.

  • Troubleshooting.

    If there is ever an issue, you have a team member available to solve it in a short response time.

  • Easy Navigation.

    Our user-friendly service is easy to navigate so you can begin working right away.

  • Overall Plan

    Being successful means being organized. Our team takes care of the little things to free you up for what’s really important—your big-picture goals.

  • One-Stop Team

    Many business owners find themselves juggling multiple tasks and projects simultaneously and wish they had help. With Pivotal Leap, you have an entire team dedicated to your project and working solely on your account.


Pivotal Leap provides services mainly for, but isn’t limited to, the following client profiles:

1. Companies with 50 to 500 employees earning a revenue of $3 million to $50 million

2. Non-profit organizations

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