Pivotal Stories

Jon’s eyes scanned the room as he drummed his fingers on the desk. It was imperative that he get this data entered the system. He had a meeting with his funders in two weeks and he needed to be able to show them how much impact their donations were making. But no matter how hard …
Social media has changed how businesses work. Now, they think about their online presence and social media when doing business. Today, social media is vital for businesses.
Every business wants to find, sell to, and keep customers. But contract management can complicate the process for a salesperson. A new customer goes through stages before becoming one of your clients. Sometimes they sign a contract for you like a legal document that says what they agree to do with your company—using Contracts to ensure that. If you don’t have a contract, it would be hard to get what you want. But contracts can cause problems when it comes to making deals.
Today, many companies use data to help them make crucial decisions. They can identify and solve problems and come up with theories, for example. Data is the foundation of decision-making in business. And analytics aren’t limited to large companies with much money. Nowadays, it is essential to gather and analyze lots of data. This data can be on your computer or in the cloud.
Sales are an integral part of the economy. Sales are the only way that a company can make money and stay in business. Sales enable a company to create jobs and provide goods and services for customers. Without sales, there is no economic activity, which leads to unemployment and poverty. The UPI estimates that about 44% of America’s GDP (gross domestic product) comes from consumer spending on goods and services...
A computer telephony integration (CTI) is when your phone and computer talk to each other. CTI helps you make and receive all of your phone calls from the computer. You can see who called, what time they called, and more.

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