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Pivotal Leap is a salesforce consulting partner specializing in implementation, integration, and automation. We evaluate your business processes, requirements, and challenges in order to customize the right salesforce products to fit your transformational objectives.

We Offer Salesforce Consulting Services for Businesses of All Sizes

Salesforce Sales/Service Cloud

→ Automate email campaigns directly within salesforce UI.

→ Connect salesforce to your telephony operations.

→ Pull & process data from other applications into Salesforce and generate custom insights

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

→ Customize and scale your website via Salesforce Commerce Cloud which allows for all user interactions to be recorded in your salesforce environment. This includes customer purchases, favorites, new customer profiles, wishlists, and more.

→Also integrates directly with SAP, ERP, and social media integrations, and among others.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

→ We customize SF Marketing cloud to allow for automated email & text campaigns.

→ Ads on your website will reflect products your visitors previously viewed on your website

→Includes geolocation tracking which displays ads to your website visitors that are specific to popular products in their geographic area.

Why Choose Pivotal Leap?


We analyze all the verticals of your business from end to end before proposing a solution. This ensures that all integrations & customizations we build are specific to your business and has the greatest impact in terms of saving time and resources for different business units & teams.

We offer click and point customizations within your salesforce environment which requires little to no coding and can be implemented quickly. Often referred to as SF admin services, this allows you to make quick & short incremental changes in your salesforce environment as your business evolves overtime.

We guarantee 24/7 support and no triage support services, meaning each problem is handled by a tier 3 support person that is an expert in salesforce from end to end.

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Our Services

Salesforce Integration

We offer custom integration solutions to correlate with real-time mobile apps and third-party applications using REST/RESTful APIs, SOAP APIs, and any third-party ETL solution or middleware.

Salesforce App


We create high-performing custom apps on Salesforce according to different business units & verticals in your organization. This includes changing business logic, customizing UIs, and streamline hierarchies to ensure efficient decision-making.

Salesforce Data Migration

We assist businesses in migrating their legacy solutions and databases to Salesforce with the goal of increasing the value of your organization's data. This includes cleaning bad data, and streamlining legacy data with your existing salesforce data.

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